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Книга магических заклинаний | Magic Spell-Book

Standard Book of Spells

(будет по-возможности пополняться, сотрудничество приветствуется)

Некоторые заклинания | Selected Spells:
  1. Bluebell Flames
  2. Cobbing
  3. Fouled!
  4. Magical Mishap
  5. Ouch!
  6. Strategy Session
  7. Stream of Flames
  8. Stupefy
  9. Toe Biter
  10. Vermillious


    Thanks to Anthony McCain, The Ferguson Family, and Kayla Durcholz

    • Accio – a summoning spell; with various amounts of power and skill, it can retrieve things from anywhere.
    • Alohomora – a spell used to open locks.
    • Anti-cheating Spell – this spell is cast on quills used for tests, to keep the students who are using them from cheating.
    • Aparecium – used to make invisible ink... visible.
    • Apparate – this spell makes the caster appear in the certain place. Leaving the place is Disapparating.
    • Avada Kedavra – one of the worst kinds of curses, this makes a blinding green light and gives the target instant death. Another of the Unforgiveable Curses. There are no discovered ways to block it.
    • Avis – causes a flock of bird to fly out of the end of the caster's wand.
    • B
    • Bubble-Head Charm – a charm used to surround the target's head with a bubble, which allows the target to breath underwater.
    • Blue Fire – a spell used to create a small, blue fire, capable of burning anywhere including under water.
    • C
    • Cheering Charm – a charm used to make people happy; in essence, "cheer you up"
    • Confundus Charm – a charm used to confuse people.
    • Conjunctivitus Curse – gives the target conjunctivitus (inflammation of the layer of the eye covering the white part of the eye).
    • Crucio – also known as the Cruciatus Curse, this curse is used to torture people by forcing them to experience the worst, most horrible kind of pain. When done repeatedly, it can drive people insane (as torturing tends to do). Another of the Unforgiveable Curses.
    • D
    • Deletrius – Gets rid of a prior incantato
    • Densaugeo – this curse will enlarge whatever it hits.
    • Diffendo – breaks things; is especially adept at splitting apart seams.
    • Disapparate – this spell makes the caster leave a certain place and appear in another. Appearing in the place is Apparating.
    • Dissendium – this spell was used by Harry to open up the hump of the one-eyed witch.
    • E
    • Enervate – revives a target who has been stupefied.
    • Engorgio – enlarges the entire target (opposite of reducio).
    • Expecto Patronum – A spell which creates a ghostly white creature known as a patronus which drives dementors away. It is usually made of happy thoughts. The happier the thoughts, the stronger the patronus.
    • Expelliarmus – a disarming spell, mostly used in duels. It sends the target backwards and forces whatever they're holding out of their hand, sending it straight to the caster.
    • F
    • Ferula – Makes an instant bandage or splint out of thin air
    • Fidelius Charm – an immensely complex spell, "involving the magical concealment of a secret inside a single, living soul." The secret in question is concealed within a Secret-Keeper, and it is impossible to find, unless the Secret-Keeper tells someone.
    • Finite Incantatem – a spell used to end all other spells previously cast and still in effect.
    • Furnunculus – this curse creates boils on whatever person it hits.
    • H
    • Homorphus Charm – a charm used to force werewolves back into their human forms.
    • Horn Tongue – puts a horn on the target's tongue.
    • Hover Charm – just that; a charm used to make things float above the ground.
    • Hurling Hex – a hex cast on mobile devices (e.g. broomsticks, carpets) that throws its rider off.
    • I
    • Impedimenta – also known as the Impediment Jinx, this causes the target to slow down and freeze in their tracks for a few moments.
    • Imperio – also known as the Imperius curse, this curse allows the target's mind to be entirely controlled by the caster. Also one of the Unforgiveable Curses.
    • Impervius – a spell used to make something repel water.
    • Incendio – A spell to start a fire
    • Instant Scalping – scalps the target instantly.
    • J
    • Jelly Legs Jinx – this jinx causes the target's legs to become weaker, forcing them to, er... wobble instead of walk.
    • L
    • Locomoter Mortis – also known as the Leg Locker curse, this curse renders your legs immobile.
    • Lumos – a simple spell used to create a light at the tip of the caster's wand.
    • M
    • Mobiliarbus – a moving spell... used to move things.
    • Mobilicorpus – another moving spell, used to move people who have passed out.
    • Morsmordre – a spell taught only to Voldemort's Death Eaters; this sends the Dark Mark into the sky.
    • N
    • Nox – a spell used along with Lumos; Nox makes the light go out.
    • O
    • Obliviate – a spell used to wipe someone's memory.
    • Orchideous – causes a bouquet of flowers to blossom from the tip of the caster's wand.
    • P
    • Pepper Breath – makes the target's breath smell like pepper.
    • Peskipiksi Pesternomi – I'm not entirely sure, all I can think of is that it's a spell to round up pixies.
    • Petrificus Totalus – similar to the Leg Locker curse, only this curse petrifies the target's entire body.
    • Point Me – also known as the Four-Point spell, this forces the tip of the wand to point north.
    • Priori Incantatem – an immensely complex spell used to force a wand to "regurgitate" all spells previously cast.
    • Prior Incantato – Shows the last spell a wand has done.
    • Q
    • Quietus – a spell used to reduce the target's voice after using the Sonorus spell.
    • R
    • Red Sparks – a spell used to fire small red sparks in the air as a sign for help.
    • Reducio – makes the entire target smaller (opposite of Engorgio).
    • Reducto – also known as the Reductor curse, this blasts solid targets out of the way.
    • Relashio – Sends sparks – or boiling water if you're in a lake - at attacking grinylows
    • Reparo – Instantly repairs objects such as glass
    • Rictusempra – a tickling charm.
    • Riddikulus – a spell used to destroy a Boggart.
    • S
    • Serpensortia – This spell sends a serpent out of your wand.
    • Shield Charm – this charm casts a temporary, invisible wall around the caster, protecting them from minor curses.
    • Sonorus – a spell used to magnify the target's voice to a volume like a mega-phone (opposite of quietus).
    • Stupefy – a Stunning Spell, used to, uh... stun targets.
    • Switching Spell – switches the target with something of the caster's choice.
    • T
    • Tarantallegra – forces the target to dance
    • U
    • Unforgiveable Curses – there are three unforgiveable curses- Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperio. Casting any of these spells even once will land the caster in Azkaban for life.
    • Up! – a simple summoning spell, used to call a broomstick into your hand.
    • W
    • Waddiwasi – a spell used to shoot chewed gum up someone's nose. (*lol* Sorry, I'm sure that's not it's only use, but that's what Lupin used it for...)
    • Wingardium Leviosa – a charm used to make things fly.

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